Famous Asian Lesbians and Black Lesbians in the World


There are a lot of influential lesbians, who are black and Asian, in the world. The good news is that you do not need to look much further than this article for a substantial list of famous black and Asian lesbians. Notable lesbians, who have made waves fairly recently, include the following:


Gigi Chao published a letter to her dad in Hong Kong newsletters because he offered to pay millions of dollars to any man who could essentially “turn” her straight. For one, she advocated for gay rights by openly standing up for her partner. She also tactfully addressed her dad by telling him that she’s convinced that he meant to act in her best interests, even though she does not agree with him and will not leave her partner. Her dad’s public offer to find her a suitor accompanied by her response in writing propelled Gigi Chao to the top of the list of world-famous Asian lesbians.

Irshad Manji recently wrote a book called “Don’t Label Me.” Despite the seemingly defiant and/or defensive connotation of the book’s title, she does not use the book as a call to action for her readers to ignore a person’s defining characteristics such as his or her religion or sexuality. Instead, she explains that she grew up labeling dogs as an animal to fear. Then, as an adult, she adopted a dog and her perspective changed. Irshad Manji is both Muslim and a lesbian – two labels which she feels do not exist as mutually exclusive. She advocates for gay rights and religious freedom in such a way that would drive anyone to label her a force of nature. Her writing has been banned in some countries, which certainly contributes to her making the list of world-renowned Asian lesbians.


Jenny Shimizu modeled for Calvin Klein and Prada. She also more-or-less dated both Angelina Jolie and Madonna. Perhaps, it’s more accurate to note that she has had sexcapades with both actresses. In any case, aside from her own accomplishments, she made a splash by seducing famous celebrities.


Etta Ng Chok Lam, Jackie Chan’s daughter, married a woman. Arguably the most notorious lesbian in this article – she and her wife posted a video saying that both have been homeless because of homophobic parents. Etta Ng Chok Lam exists on the list of Asian lesbians, who people recognize, largely in part because of social media and accompanying coverage following the controversial video.

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As a famous American screenwriter, Dee Rees wrote a movie called Pariah. The story centers around a black lesbian teenager, who struggles after she comes out and her parents do not approve. Despite a lack of support from the parents, both Dee Rees and her character in Pariah show a firm resolve to live openly.  


Tracy Chapman remains at the top of the list of well-known black lesbians. Maybe you’ve heard her songs “Give me one reason” or “Fast Car.” She dated Alice Walker, who wrote The Color Purple.

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Samira Wiley, an American actress best known for her character in Orange is The New Black, married a woman. In the show, her character dates women. She also plays a role on the screen adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale.


Robin Roberts, an American news anchor, makes the list of famous lesbians. For one, she gave live coverage of Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Plus, Obama interviewed her at the start of his public support for gay marriage.