How to Date a Trans Person in Jakarta

Anti-LGBT sentiment is rising in the world’s biggest Muslim country, which has led to the marginalization and even exclusion of trans people from society. Indonesians are witnessing more and more cases of discrimination in schools and at workplaces and of banning academic discussions on acceptance and tolerance.

The national Support Group & Resource Center found itself in the eye of a media storm a few years ago. It was initiating an LGBT Peer Support Network. This was a project in collaboration with, an LGBT online forum. A huge wave of discrimination and hate has hit the country since then. The ALIA, a conservative local group, requested the Constitutional Court change the law to criminalize homosexual sex. Sexual intercourse with a trans person is considered to fall in this category.  

On the plus side, the Constitutional Court did not change the law. However, the trans community remains marginalized. A survey conducted by the Indonesia Wahid Foundation found that LGBT people were the most disliked, followed by Communists and Jewish people. A later study found that the LGBT community was the second-most hated group in the country after ISIS.

So, the safest way to find Jakarta ladyboys is through dating sites like My Ladyboy Date, Indonesian Cupid, and the Jakarta Backpage. There are lots of trans profiles on these sites. The waria, which is the local word for trans women, are often looking for relationships with Western men because they are more open and accepting.

In the city center, there is a gay bar frequented by trans people called The Apollo. It has fun performances like drag shows if you’re interested. We recommend starting your search online as the safest approach.  

When you decide to meet someone in person, rent a home or book a hotel room and meet there. Don’t meet in public. On dating sites, read profiles carefully to find out as much as you can about the type of relationship users seek. It’s a problem when people interested in trans dating are confused about their own identity. If you’re unsure about your own sexual orientation, you should base it on your gender attraction. For example, a straight man attracted to trans women is still straight even if the woman has not undergone surgery.