How to use Trans Dating Apps Safely in Dubai

Those keen on trans dating in Dubai have access to the majority of internationally known apps that cater to the community, such as those by Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, Badoo, My Ladyboy Date, Muslima, and the latest addition to the market, Tser Trans Dating. This short article will discuss the safest apps and offer additional dating tips.

Before we get to all that, a word of warning: remember that you’re in Dubai, not Madrid or London. An international app like Grindr or Tinder doesn’t guarantee your safety. Even apps like My Ladyboy Date, which have helped trans couples across the globe meet and fall in love, will not assume such a guarantee.  

Now, on to the three safest trans dating apps.

My Ladyboy Date

Unlike many of its analogs, this app has refrained from promoting hookups. The platform is mainly staffed by trans women a.k.a. ladyboys. In order to eliminate fakes, profiles undergo strict screening procedures. Users share their preferences in advance and discuss the type of relationship they are looking for. This way, it’s guaranteed people don’t waste each other’s time.


If you’re looking for a fling, eHarmony is not for you. This is a serious app with impressive credentials, making use of advanced software and special algorithms to help people meet and match. The platform is consistently making changes to improve safety and user-friendliness.

On the eHarmony Online portal, you will find other users’ detailed profiles to see if you have anything in common and if they possess traits you’re looking for. You can upload pictures through social media such as Facebook or your Smartphone.

Do not share photos of yourself or loved ones. Be discreet.


Muslima is a relatively recent addition to the trans dating scene, catering to Muslim singles and abiding by the rules of traditional courtship. You can see local profiles for free thanks to its advanced search functions.

On this and all other apps, it’s best not to use your real name. Don’t tell people where you live and work and what your job is. Authorities could intercept your exchanges.  

In Dubai, you won’t see ladyboys out and about like you would in the self-proclaimed trans capital of Bangkok and its runner-up, Manila. It’s quite rare to see an openly trans person in public. Transsexuality is against the law in the United Arab Emirates.

Either way, having a conversation with a beautiful trans person is not illegal, so go for it if you have the chance. To stay safe, keep in mind that authorities monitor social media chats and profiles.