Lesbian Dating Tips if You Recently Came Out

It’s easy to date boys if you’re a woman, but if you’re a lesbian, is it easy to date girls? Not that easy. By nature, lesbian cultureis very elusive. It’s hard to even find someone to date, particularly if you live on a farm, in a village, or in a small town. But it’s possible to meet girls no matter where you live.

If you already know a lesbian, that’s your best shot. She can introduce you to other lesbians. Usually, these circles welcome new members.

You might know a lesbian from work, the local bar, or one who’s friends with your sibling or cousin or a friend of a friend. Ask around. Maybe your car mechanic at the garage isgay, or your plumber. Knowing a gay girl is the easiest way to start dating if you came out recently.

Don’t be shy

Tell her you’re one of “them” and she might invite you when she’s going out with friends somewhere.

If you can’t find a “mentor”, so to speak, go to a lesbian bar by yourself. If there isn’t one in your area, go online and look for a gay women’s night in the vicinity. There’s bound to be at least one.

Going to a lesbian bar alone isn’t like going to a regular bar alone, where you’ll probably be hit on by drunk guys all night. Not probably, but highly likely. Lesbians love an independent woman. Self-determination is the quintessence of lesbianism and feminism. Go and start chatting with someone.

If you’re not a fan of bars or clubs, try a site like Meetup.com or a lesbian dating app like HER and Fem. OkCupid is very gay-friendly too. There might be a lesbian book club or museum expo nearby.

Preparing for the Date

Wear what you want. Womenare attracted by authenticity. Wear whatever you feel like, absolutely. This is a true advantage of gay dating over straight dating, where women feel they have to look their best and waste hours preparing for something that might not even materialize.

You can also meet girls at a regular bar or club, but there, you don’t know if they’re gay, and you might end up embarrassing yourself or making someone feel uncomfortable.

Online dating is your best friend if you recently came out. It’s hard to meet another lesbian in real life. Since more and more lesbian bars are being closed, lack of lesbian space is becoming a problem, to which the Internet seems the only solution for now.