What are the best TV shows to watch with a lesbian theme?

Out of all the fun lesbian-themed shows, we’ve picked the cream of the crop. Our list starts with:


There could have been no better time for this fab comic book adaptation. Virginia Gardner plays Karolina Dean, a closeted, super-powered, human-alien hybrid. Eventually, she comes out – near the end of Season One. Her crush, sarcastic goth Nico Minoru, receives the revelation surprisingly well. The whole scene feels like a true-to-life portrayal of the latest generation’s inclination towards casual sexual fluidity.


The Guardian describes it as a striking “lesbian sitcom”. The show is brutal, at times downright bizarre, sometimes hilarious, pugnacious, and offensive – all the things the X-generation loves. The plot centers on a passive character well past her prime, who falls for an over-the-top, narcissistic, manipulative lesbian actress and musician she first sees on the subway. This British show, as with most British TV, is more than happy to wallow in failure and discomfort in a way US TV never does.

Everything Sucks!

What sucks the most is that this fun, refreshing show got canceled after just one season. The nostalgically sweet show placed a gay female front and center of a gentle drama set in the ironically named town of Boring, USA. The plot centered on two girls on individual journeys towards sexual revelation. Since the focus wasn’t on the boys in their little clique, we can’t be surprised the show ran for only one season.

Counterpart Season 1

Over the past few years, Starz has emerged to feature lesbian women in almost all of their original shows, whether intentionally or not. It’s been very, very enjoyable. J.K. Simmons got a lot of the well-deserved praise for this suspenseful, taut, melancholic spy thriller for his riveting, almost disturbing portrayal of two versions of the same person, one in each of the program’s two parallel worlds.

But enough about him. The season also features Baldwin, a trained lesbian assassin who was never able to live her dreams or develop a true emotional life, a fact that becomes painfully obvious when she’s forced to see how heralter ago, a classical violinist, perishes. Baldwin struggles with her emotional and sexual connection with a sleeper agent and a surprising romance with a waitress.

There are many other great TV shows to watch if you’re into lesbian themes, and you don’t have to actually be gay to enjoy them!